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Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In

First day at new gym - bodybuilder joint at the end of my block. Went in with a positive attitude.

In advance, I told the trainer (who is a former bodybuilder) that I wouldn’t use machines. Consequently, he assessed my fitness with the following:
WU: 24 dumbbell swings - 10#, 24 back extensions , sit-ups (1 min), shoulder mobility

SDLHP – 1 min – 30# bar
Burpees (90 sec)
Push presses – 1 min – 30# bar
OH squats –1 min - 20# bar
Single-leg hops across floor – 1 min ea leg, 45 sec ea leg, 30 sec ea leg
Mountain climbers – 2 min
Back squats with a jump (hollow tube – no weight) – 1 min
Plank – 2 min
Walking lunges

Barely broke a sweat.

Going to steal Mark’s burpee count again tonight and do 82.

Going back tomorrow – Hoping to see some deadlifts, cleans or box jumps thrown in somewhere. What are the chances that I can convert this guy to a CrossFit mentality?!?
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