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Re: Starting over with Starting Strength

Took a bonus rest day. Despite my form improvements, the knees aren't terribly enamored of squatting 3 days per week. Not making any radical changes yet, since the program will have run it's course before too long. I also needed the extra recovery time, because I had a little too much fun Saturday night , and the kids didn't exactly have mercy on me when I wanted to sleep in in the morning.

Skill work for power clean.
Jump and land with PVC repeatedly.
Hang power cleans 15x5
Hi-Lo-below knee hang power cleans 65x5 each
Hang power cleans 115x3
Hang power cleans 135x3

Form looked solid until last set. More a power issue than form for that. Need more rest before hitting the PCs again.

Ring play - attempted MUs, Z-front lever pullups (got 2), back lever (closer than it has a right to be, but not for long)
Max dips 9-7-7 (did these Saturday after SS, getting 7, and figured I do much better when the pushing muscles were fresh - guess not )
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