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The trend toward obesity is finally becoming a frontline issue in terms of personal health and wellbeing and national healthcosts. a major bone of contention is biological vs. environmental. Personally(this is based on 2 years of living in France; trips to Finland etc so stems from personal observation)I believe that it is environmental. Yes, we are all born with genetic tendencies that render some of us lean, some in between and some big folk. But I would have to say that morbid obesity is cultural and totally resolvable by merely accepting responsibility for what you put in your mouth and how much you move your body. Americans in general have a hard time accepting personal responsibility for their actions in this day and age. It shows in much of their behavior toward others and their willingness to sue at the drop of a hat. Just a thought. Dale. p.s. The fire dept. that I work for is private and owns an ambulance company that is actually ecstatic over the development of several ambulances specially equipped to transport the morbidly obese! These rigs are equipped with ramps and WINCHING SYSTEMS! A couple of thoughts on lawsuits; I used to be a smoker(3 packs a day). I KNEW it was bad for me, so one day i quit. Who woulda thought? Did I sue the cigarette companies because I engaged in stupid behavior? no. Now fast food is being sued for people being obese. PLEASE. Interesting to note that noone is suing car manufacturers due to the 40,000 plus deaths a year on the roadways. I would have to say this is due to the absolute stranglehold the combustion engine has on our economy. My apologies. sometimes I rant. But in the area i live in we have lost about 8 teens in the past 3 weeks to car accidents and by area i mean my little corner of town. I'm done. Good luck with your paper.
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