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I've been gone for a few days in Orlando coaching at a discus camp and then off to Tempe to watch Ohio State play Kansas State...if you want my opinion, you bench the QB for curfew violation and, win or lose, show integrity.

Enough of that...I spent four long evenings with John Powell talking lifting and throwing. He has a couple of Olympic medals in the discus and a World Record which is a pretty good career plus a World Championships medal.

Now, he threw terrible in the WC in 1983, but that failure really helped him. It was there he saw Litvinov the Hammer winner Front Squat 200 kilos for sets (John said of 8!!!) followed by 400 meter runs in 75 seconds...for three sets. Moreover, he also learned about the Polish shotputters use of rapid fire lifts (measure your improvement by benching a set weight...100 kilos for 8...faster and faster over time) and the British Javelin Workouts (see like my first edition of Get Up) where you mix Snatch, Front Squat, Jerks and Back Squats (and lots of other variations) for four continous sets of ten...measuring heart rate.

I guess all this points to an insight that came to me as we talked...perhaps the Crossfit WOD is right for throwers.

I'm going to kick some new ideas around, but I wanted to share this. Tiff and I found that those days of mixing clean or snatches with runs were really excellent.

More later...tired.
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