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"For any of you that get sqeamish about good guys with guns...get over it. An armed good guy near this twit could have stopped it after the first shot was fired."

This is the very reason I rarely go out unarmed, even though I am a private citizen and not annointed with a badge and credentials. Believe me, folks, carrying a firearm for personal protection is a big decision not to be made lightly.

Here in Arizona, there are guns. A LOT of guns. In every shape, size and color you can imagine (yes, even hot pink and DeWalt yellow). However, with few exceptions it is not the law-abiding who go around's the "oxygen thiefs" as Eugene to nicely puts it.

Justin, IMO with few exceptions people who carry for personal protection are not looking to get into gunfights. Were I in that mall, I would not have gone looking for the shooter and would only have acted had I been in the immediate area. Had I been in the immediate area, I would have done what I needed to do to stop the threat. Interpret that how you like.

To do otherwise is to become a bullet magnet, esp. with PD running around. My responsibility is to me and my family. If others gain protection because of it, that's to their benefit.

How many here would wear a seatbelt, even if it were not mandated by your state? Probably most of you. Do you expect to get into an accident? Of course not. You're a good driver. It's the other asshat on the road you have to worry about.

How many here have smoke detectors? Same deal.

To me, my firearm is just another tool in the self-preservation toolbox. I get no pleasure walking around armed. In fact, it's a pain in the butt, as any cop will tell you.

Good guys with guns are never the problem. It's the criminals who are. And they never obey the law anyway.
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