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Re: possible Rhabdo from Annie

It sounds like it. For beginners I would say cut Annie by 50-75%. Also if they are struggling and performing poorly don't be afraid to say the workout is done for the day, come back another day for some more. QUOTE=Jannick Verhelst;1247533]Hello,

We recently opened our box, we're open for about a month now and we have a problem.
We make al of our athletes take our fundamentals classes, there are six of them, where we teach them all about the basics and get to know their capabilities a little bit.
We've had this one women who came to us and seemed quite sporty, she used to workout a lot but had some mobility issue's. She was happy with the workouts and seemed fine, till last week when we did Annie. Everything went well and she finished with no big problem although she was struggling a little bit at the end.
Now we get to hear that the day after that workout she was incredibly sore and had swollen abs. She thought it would pass but the next day her abs where completely firmless, she discribed it as a jell-o belly.
She went to the dokter, he said she had an inflammation of the abs.. Sounds a lot like Rhabdo to me.
She was totally freaked (understandable) and decided to train at a normal gym and avoid ab-work.
My questions are:
What do think about the injury?
Do you think Annie is to hard to program into a newbie's workout?
If so how would you scale it?

Sean Rockett, MD
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