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Re: Resting Heart Rate 42 BPM; Good, Bad?

Resting Heart Rate 42 BPM; Good, Bad?.....

A good measurement of knowing your fitness is to check your resting heart rate and then see what your maximum heart rate is and then see what the difference is.

If your max heart rate is high compare to what it should be then you are in good shape...

I have a resting heart rate of 41-44 strait after i wake up in the morning without even getting out of bed and my max heart rate when i have gone to the max should be 220-44 (age)=176 but when i max out i can push myself and hit 188... so my heart range is 142bpm which is really good.

I can't rememebr what they call this but i am sure someone knows.

This is a great measure ment of your fitness.
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