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Re: Have we all seen this yet?

Originally Posted by Jeff Railsback View Post
I think the league minimum wage is something like $1000/yr. They won't even get a terrible crossfitter to work for those wages. Most of the CF stars own affiliates and that is their job.

I could see them attracting some good talent if they only had to show up for game day 10 times a year and paid $1000 per day plus expenses. But if they require you to live in a certain location and practice with the team multiple times per week, that would be out of the question.

Will be interesting too see.
The proposed $1000 minimum is to have a player listed on your roster. They list a separate per event minimum of $2500. So, you have to pay everyone one your team roster a minimum salary of $1000 a year, and you have to pay them a minimum of $2500 for every event in which they compete.
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