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Re: Resting Heart Rate 42 BPM; Good, Bad?

Sorry to revive this old thread, but I got a question regarding low resting heart rate...
My resting heart rate (when I lay in my bed for 5 minutes) is about 48. I think this is the lowest HR I've ever measured for myself.
You say this is an indicator of fitness. I agree with that. Strong heart (heart is a muscle and is trained while you train) can pump more blood at once, hence beating less frequently to push the same amount of blood into vein system.
Also, I consider myself to be (somehow) fit.
But my question here is - why is my resting heart rate so low when I'm "idle"? I'm asking this because when I go run and I run at average pace of 5:00/km (which I can do quite easily), my heart rate goes well above 170. That's like 88% of my max heart rate (I'm 28, so 220 - 20 = 192)?
Is this normal?
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