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Re: Renegade Diet

Originally Posted by Michael Dries View Post
I started using your version of the calculator this week on Sunday. I think it might be little skinny on the calories though. I started the week at 171 and entered 175 as my target weight. I've been hitting macro's and calories perfectly and I'm down to 167 this morning. I'm notably leaner too. I built my own but you beat me too it before I was happy with it (it was far too complicated on the programming side). I like your +15 -15 calorie cycling though.

Strength wise I'm feeling good though, I even decreased my coffee intake. There's definitely something to coconut oil in a little caffeine before a workout though.

I'm planning on sticking to the rescription through the rest of this wendler cycle (just started a new one this week). And we'll see where I'm at. If I drop too much weight or strength I'll change the multiplier to 16 until I start gaining weight again.

BTW Wendler's BBB challenge is no joke. The 3rd month is 5x10 @ 70%, holy crap.
Good to hear. I set the weight to 170 and I'm eating 2700 calories on my training days and 2000 on my rest days. I wanna do it for another week or two before I change anything. I also started the BBB so I can put on some size. I don't know if I'm going to keep the BBB at 50% the whole time or if I'll change it like on the challenge. 5x10@ 70% doesn't sound fun.
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