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Re: Why do people hate Crossfit?

Originally Posted by Pete Nadeau View Post
They don't hate Crossfit, they hate the holier-than-thou attitudes of some Crossfitters.
I went to a Crossfit "Box" once, the trainer started the hard sell while we were warming up. SEE YA
I tend to agree with you on this one.....I don't bash anyone's training selection. "We" do sometimes have that holier than thou attitude when it comes to training practices.
I WOD at home because the boxes in my area have that type of mentality. If the patrons spread those views with their friends, and to friends of friends....Well, you get the jist. In addition, sometimes the's participants do ackward things that bring a bad light on the sport. We've all seen the craziness of some Crossfitters. We shouldn't bash other athletes because of our beliefs and practices. "To each his own...."

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