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Re: CrossFit for Hope T-shirts?

Originally Posted by Jason Dimaio View Post
a.) I appreciate your appreciation. Sincerely.
b.) It was just very open-ended and general. I was hoping for something a little firmer than that. It doesn't really tell me much of anything. That's why I asked.
c.) Obviously, I'm anxious to rep my new shirt.
Sorry about that Jason, at over $1,400 raised you definitely earned it! Thank you! The shirts are currently being printed and will be shipped over the next few weeks. They will be shipped in boxes to affiliates for any member who registered and raised over $300. I guarantee they are well worth the wait. Once I hear the first batches have shipped, I will let you.

I just returned from St Jude again this week, and man what an amazing group of people, providing treatment and doing research that no one else is doing. They need our help, and people like you Jason, stepped up and delivered. It makes me proud to be a part of this community.
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