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Re: What is your #1 strength training question?

I wonder about injuries. At our affiliate, we've had a few blown discs due to deadlifting. I've read that Louie Simmons broke his back (multiple times I think) but never really heard how he did it. Then he proceeds to heal, and train again, back up to sick numbers squatting & deadlifting.

1) How did Louie break his back? What movement broke his back? Did he break his back multiple times? I have his book but he doesnt elaborate, he just brushes it off like the beast he is, and tells you how he placed in a meet soon afterwards.

Im not blaming the movements for the injuries.
2) But is there one movement you see people hurting themselves the most?
3) If its not one particular movement, is it just the athlete not performing the movement correctly, or getting soft under load?
I know people can pull their back picking up paper, but...
4) a level 1 trainer for only 3 years now, can I do anything but keep weights light, watching form, telling them stay tight, stay back, ground the heels, etc.?

5) And are you a coach? For how long? I hear you're a powerlifter, but for how long?
Thanks a bunch.

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