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Re: New Deadlift PR at 525

Originally Posted by Eric Shuty View Post
a deadlift should be lowered back to the floor, not DROPPED. In any powerlifting federation that lift would be a NO GO because of both hitching and dropping the weight. If we are going to complete lifts that are used in competitions (Olympic, powerlifting, etc) should we not also emulate the contest performance of those lifts? Don't take it too personal.....
I'm sorry but I disagree with one thing you said here, about lowering the weight. The guy already said that he's got no interest in competing, so I don't know why you use that as an argument.

Then you said that powerlifters do it all the time and miraculously avoid getting hurt.....are you serious?

I don't work at a crossfit gym, I work at a regular gym, one of the programs we run is the powerlifting club, the club is run by someone who was was an ex powerlifter, years he and many of his friends trained and competed. He said his knees, back, and shoulder have had issues ever since, and when he was powerlifting kept on getting worse, only when he stopped did he say did it atleast stayed the same and even got a bit better. I don't know why you think they avoid getting hurt, I know for a fact powerlifters deal with injuries all the time, and some very successful ones have admitted they came back after serious injury, commonly in the back.

Go to 2:54, that man is one very popular personal trainer with experience in powerlifting and olympic lifting. He specifically states it's hard on the lower back to lower it to the floor.

If you have the option of dropping it, drop it......with the first lift having good form too of course.
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