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Re: Improve HSPU and Dips ??

I know you are new to the boards so is a good resource but it is just a single resource. There are thousands of others on the net.

That being said, when I wanted to increase my pull-ups I found the Armstrong Pull-up program. When I wanted to increase my Back Squat, I found Smolov. The ideas behind them are not Crossfit based or specific but they worked, and they worked tremendously. The general theme from both is to do the exact movement that you are trying to get better at. The key is to also regulate the intensity so that you don't stall out or over do the movement to much. Either short rests between sets at sub-maximal effort or frequent and consistent daily movement, again at sub-maximal.

The idea isn't to just to do ring dips all day every day. It is too much. Think of the idea of "never pass a pull-up bar without doing 1 pull-up". Just do 1 dip and 1 hspu when you are near the rings or a wall.

As for progression, check out sites like beastskills and gymnasticswod. Just google them. They will tell you all you need to move towards efficient movement. After that, it is programming them in, like I mentioned above in a grease the groove sort of sense.

You can also just program them 3x a week into a wod or do what a lot of Crossitters do, and add them into your warm-ups (after you nail down the progressions).

I want to learn and master the levers. I use gymnastics wod progressions and do those progression movements as part of EVERY warm-up. It makes sure, that regardless of my programming for the day, I have gotten on the rings, hung upside down, so on and so forth.
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