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Towel pullups force a neutral (neither particularly pronated nor particularly flexed) grip in many people. If you are unconsciously flexing (false-grip style) your forearms on the rings, then towel pullups are likely to be easier on your tendons.

I find that I tend to grip the towel the way I grip my ice tools, which is somewhat less than ergonomic; if you look at the new-wave leashless ice tools, all of the high-level competitors and professional guides seem to be migrating to the ergonomic shape of eg. the Quark Ergo-type grips. Those are, not coincidentally, more similar to the type of grip you use on rings than to the type of grip you use on a towel. The rings are obviously not as demanding as a friction grip on a towel, but I feel like they're more ergonomic.

This is just my $0.02. If you're having serious pain in either configuration, even whilst being mindful of your flexion/pronation, I would suggest that you see a doctor or a physical therapist.
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