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Jonathan Dilgen
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Re: Jonathan's Crossfit progression

For Bissonette: eff running

regular strength warm-up

Back Squat: 210
210x5x2, 210x12 jumping up to 220 next week!

4x10 burpees fast, 90 sec rest between rounds
5 rounds of 5! box jumps, 60 sec rest
lowest height was approximately 27", each successive box was ~3.5" higher
last round I moved up a box and did the last jump on the highest platform plus 3 45# bumpers and 1 25# bumper. According to Kurt, it was 41" but the math doesn't add up...

Chin-ups: 3x9, decided to eff around with the weight vest after stretching and got 6 chin-ups with a 25# vest on. Awesome! I thought my chins were getting weaker. Turns out, they were not!
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