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No, it is not too least not in the sense that you are over training yourself with "all that" cardio time. You will find out that your CrossFit workouts are your cardio workouts and your strength workouts, and your muscular stamina workouts...point is you won't be doing cardio workouts per se.

You will benefit from reading about CF in the Foundations section on the main CF page. Once you understand the philosophy of CF the CF "way" if you will, it will be clear why the bodybuilding model makes no sense. Segmented training builds segmented capacity and you need your body to work as a unit. This message board is a goldmine of information so stay on here and keep reading.

Again, no problem with the cardio stuff after your pullups, but you will find that after a met con workout (metabolic conditioning) you will not have any interest in a treadmill.
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