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I suspect that your confused about the terminology.

The clean & jerk is an Olympic event that is composed of two exercises: the clean and the jerk.

The clean occurs when you lift a weight from the floor to a racked position on your shoulders/chest.

There are two jerk techniqes: the push jerk and the split jerk. The push jerk is an exercise where you dip and extend your hips to drive the weight up from your shoulders and drive your body down underneath it to catch the weight in an arms extended position. The split jerk is identical to the push jerk except the legs move to a split (lunge) position.

I believe that most athletes have traditionally used the split jerk in competition. However I do not believe that it is compulsory, so some athletes (like Dimas) will use a push jerk instead.

When it comes to the WOD, I don't believe it makes much difference on what jerk technique you use. But I stand to be corrected or would appreciate any insight.
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