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Hi Leanne-

It looks like you are eating 14 blocks per day of protein. One thing I notice is that your meals are often low in carbohydrate.

The break down of your meals is as follows:

Breakfast: 3 p / 1c / 3f
AM snack: 2p / 1c / ~3-4 f
lunch: 4 p / 3c / ~2f
PM snack: ~1p / ~1c / ~2f
Dinner: 4p / ?c / ?f

I think adding more carbohydrate in the form of low - glycemic veggies is a good first step. What I've read from Dr. Sears' site suggests pregnant women add 1-2 TOTAL blocks to each meal. My suggestion is to add the right amount of carbs to make standard Zone balanced meals and see how that goes. Also watch your PM snack - having one egg with no yoke only gives you 1/2 block of protein, this is less than a one block meal and may be too small.

As far as changing the ratios of meals-- ideally you are trying to maintain your block prescription. So if you are at 14 blocks you should eat 14 everyday in a way that works for you. The only "rule" is not to eat more than 5 blocks in any one sitting.

Last thing would be to add some fish oil. I love a brand called Nordic Naturals but others have had success with different brands. I believe 2.5g per day is recommended for pregnancy.

Hope this helps. Please keep us posted.
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