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Re: Weight loss question on LC Paleo

Brendan had a good answer to you already..
I'd say that 20 grams of carbs for someone who exercises is absolutley too little. Maybe for a short period of time (1-3) weeks but not longer. One easy way to notice is that if you have had any type of brain fog or similar your carb intake is way too low.
I have same opinion, you are eating too little, increase the food amount like recomended, but increase the calories slowly. If you increase the calories from 1700 to some 2500kcal/day its too big change, 100-200kcal/day for a week or some 10days, then increase again...
When you are on a diet the body gets used to lower calories and the body want to protect the body so the metabolism get slower - and then of course the fatburning gets more difficult. Thats why many people (especially bodybuilders) have a "eating day" for example once a week/ two weeks. Increase the calories a lot, say if you now eat a 1700kcal, increase to 3000-4000kcal for a day or two and see if the metabolism "starts again" and you get a new speed to the fat loss.
BUT, very often people eat anything on these eating days wich is not optional, to speed up the metabolism you should eat as clean carbs as possible, avoid junkfats... soft candies are ok (mainly sugar), ricecakes, rise, sweet potato, pasta, cereals, puddings etc.
If you try, start the day with fast sugars, like candies and cereals then as the day goes on add rice, sweet potato and so on - keep proteins as usual or so..
You could try to change your macros...30% protein ok , then 35%fat 35% carbs. Eat 50% of your daily carbs around workouts (around=before, during, after) 25%carbs with breakfeast and the rest 25% with the rest you eat.
1gram of carbs ties about 3grams of water to the body. If you have a good balance of salts and electrolytes in your body the most of the water ties to musclesell wich then gives energy to workout - if not, it's mainly between skin and muscle and you get the puffy look - so magnesium, some potissium is good and hopefully the salt you use is himalaijan salt(pink one) or a good quality of seasalt.

Eat good carbs and protein about 2hrs before workout, and a recovery drink right after workout would be great - recovery drink with good protein, maybe some glutamine amino acid and creatine in it (not necessairly) close to 50/50 ratio with protein (whey)/carbs.
Good Luck!
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