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Re: A new Gnomusmaximus

Snatch-kg 50x3 55x2 60x2 62 60
BTNJ-kg 60x3 70x3 80x3 82x
Jerk-kg 80
M/G 3 RFT (3:35)
10 KB swings @ 55#
10 push-ups

First attempt at Olympic lifting since the hip/groin injury. Snatch wasn't too bad. My PR is 65/66 so 62 was better than I expected. The jerks on the other hand sucked. I am usually in the 90's there. My right arm could not lock out which is odd. I actually wonder if it is because of my hip (also right side) Maybe I just can't drive with that side so I didn't get the bar as high there??? I did the regular jerk at 80 just so I would know I could still do it.

I need to remember 2 things. 1) I told myself I would wipe my white board clean. In other words reset all my PR's and start over, especially if i have to have surgery. I obviously lost track of that. 2) I told myself to stick to ONE movement only on heavy days. I obviously lost track of that as well. Should have just stopped at the snatches.
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