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Re: What Are People Saying About Your Box?

Someone asked in an email so I'll post here...

Setting up a Google Alert for "Boston CrossFit" (with the quotes) brings back a different result than Boston CrossFit (without the quotes)

Just like in Google Search.

"Boston CrossFit" (quotes) gives results for the exact phrase.

Without the quotes gives you any page where the word "boston" and the word "crossfit" is in the text.

Google also seems to give different results for different order of the words in a search when no quotes are used.

Boston CrossFit

Is different from

CrossFit Boston

Play around with it to see how your blog, website, etc comes up.

You can also set up a Google Analytics account to track how people visit your site.

There are undoubtably people here who know more about this than I do and can chime in with more/better info.
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