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Ross Hunt
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"A year" really puts things in perspective. If you could wait that long, then I can certainly restrict my extracurricular activities to occasional, low-key practice of strength and gymnastics movements - pistols, 1-arm-push-ups, tumbling, easy ring movements - until I can really tear through the WOD as prescribed.

My sleep is pretty darn good - I keep light out of my bedroom pretty well and wake up pretty early every morning without an alarm. Thinking about training messes up my sleep more than lack of sleep messes up my training.
My diet is so-so; about four meals a day consisting mostly of protein and monounsaturated fat, and one post-workout insulin spike of high BV-protein and sugar. The only problem with the diet as it stands is that it's extremely acidic; the main source of protein is egg whites, and the main source of monounsaturated fat is peanuts. I'm going to see if replacing a little of the fat with vegetables and the peanuts with avocados and walnuts improves performance.

Ross Hunt
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