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I'm in my early 20s and have been an athlete all of my life. I went into competitive olympic weightlifting soon after highschool for about 2 years. I was drawn to crossfit through the Mixed Martial Arts community who advocate crossfit workouts. I saw that crossfit incorporated many exercises that I was familiar with, and enjoyed, as well as improving my martial arts abilities. Anyway, to the point. I was doing the WOD for about 2 months. I rarely missed a day, and could keep up with most of them. My problem is rather embarrassing, but I would really like to understand what happened. I noticed, about a month into the workouts, that I was getting increasingly emotional, and had problems with sexual performance. It appeared that I didn't have any "wind in my sails". I couldn't understand what was the problem. After coming across an article on cardio, and it's effects on testosterone, I put two and two together, and realized it must be the WOD that's messing with my testosterone levels. I stopped doing the WOD's, and since then haven't experienced those problems. I still think Crossfit is number one in my fitness needs, but I don't want to do the WOD's anymore because of what happened to me. Any ideas on how I could continue doing WOD's without these embarrassing side effects?
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