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Re: Vegan Paleo

Originally Posted by David Meverden View Post
I think what Jeffrey is trying to say via his laughing guy emoticon is that the studies examined in your link merely compared people eating whole grains to those eating refined grains.
That link was intended to counter your assertion that whole grains "may not just be nutrient poor but may even contain anti-nutrients that prevent optimal absorption of nutrients you DO take in" but as you didn't like that paper here's a couple of abstracts for you -

The role of whole grains in disease prevention.

Whole grains and human health.

Originally Posted by David Meverden
Yes, I have no doubt that someone eating barley bread and steel cut oats will see health benefits over the person eating wonder bread, but that doesn't prove anything in a discussion of a vegetable rich paleo diet vs whole grain diet because that isn't what the studies were comparing.
This isn't a discussion about "a vegetable rich paleo diet vs whole grain diet", it's a discussion about whether or not a vegan can do CrossFit. Also as I'm sure you noted I stated in my previous post that "getting all your carbs from grains would be as stupid as getting all your protein from meat as we need a varied diet if we're going to ensure that all essential nutrients needed for optimal health and physical performance are consumed" so I'm not sure why you're trying to make this into an either/or thing. Besides paleo man ate a vegetable rich diet that included whole grains so any further debate of this somewhat artificial distinction seems a little pointless.

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