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Re: Jeremy's Garage (er... Living Room) Gym

Originally Posted by Debra Rainer View Post
Nice !

How big is the living room ?
Thank you. The rubber matted area is approx 16'x19.5'. The airdyne sits on its own little mat outside of that area. I'm thinking of getting some more matting and extending it out a bit (bringing it out to 20'x19.5', but only so I can move the dumbbells and kettlebells and such.

Originally Posted by Camille Lore View Post
Much better use of the space! Looks great too, btw. My living room has a loveseat, a power rack, a bench, a rower...well you get the idea. Only "living room furniture" is the loveseat. Just the way I like it.
Hehe thank you. I agree, I actually USE the living room now haha. I just tell people that my bench is my "recliner" and my swiss ball is an "ottoman."
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