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Re: Exercise Associated Hyponatremic Encephalopathy, Gatorade and the ACSM


You're missing the point. You'll probably find it near impossible to make meaningful inputs without investigating the topic. Don't take my word for any of this, but don't shoot from the hip blindfolded either. You might want to start with the British Journal of Sport's Medicine's indictment of Gatorade and the ACSM - if you don't have the time to really read Noakes book. It's not an easy read for many and will take more than a few days to intelligently work through, but once you have, once you've studied the history and the literature published by Gatorade/ACSM, you'll see the deadly consequences of big-soda's incursion into health/fitness/sports science. It's a travesty. Gatorade and the ACSM have blood on their hands. Lot's of it. That's as simple as it is true.

Here's the Reader's Digest version...The ACSM an organization that I'd expect to be chartered with protecting athletes and advancing sports science, allowed Gatorade, a big-soda subsidiary to corrupt thermoregulatory science and subsequently hydration science with the intent to sell more crappy lemonade. It worked well enough but the problem is that the corrupt science and the recommendations therein killed people. This rises to Lawn Darts, exploding Pintos, Big Tobacco product liability (forget the performance degradation, the cover-up, and wasted money for the time being) that media, and the fitness community missed.
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