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Newb Needs Help

Hey all, I’m the new guy on the block, I down loaded the video for the WOD and practiced about 10 times with the bar with no weight. I kept the weight relatively low because I have never performed the movement before. So here is what I did today. Let me know if my interpretation is close to what is expected.

5 Sets total 3 Reps per set

1st set 95lbs X 3
2nd set 115lbs X 3
3rd set 135lbs X 3
4th set 135lbs X 3
5th set 155lbs X 3

Like I said its low weight, I didn’t want to go crazy with something I have never done. Am I on the right track? Ohh ya I'm 31yrs 190lbs, 5ft 9, weight lifting, martial arts, football, wrestling, track and field, background if that helps. Thanks all and have a blessed day.
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