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Re: it's in the jeans

Originally Posted by Jason David View Post
That's awesome! I remember my 46-48" pants...was fired up when I bought my first 34's....then thought I was done when I bought my 32's....haven't had those out in a while because my new 30's fit too nicely.
Wow. Going from 48" to 30"!! I have a long way to go until I'm that far.

I've been in 42's for quite some time. I bought a pair of 40's a couple of weeks ago that are already getting a little big. I'd like to get down toward the 36" range, but I'm not too horribly worried about that. I just wanna keep pushing hard in the gym and driving for improvement there. Couple that with a sound diet (which I'm doing pretty well on), and I'm sure I'll be happy with my physical evolution along the way.

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