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Re: Balancing carbs, protein, fats at meals...why??

I also found on wikipedia that the brain cannot utilize fatty acids as an energy source. I remember learning that in a few nutrition classes: we must routinely ingest a certain level of carbohydrate because excess carbs are turned into acetyl CoA which is then converted to fatty acids and cannot be used by the brain. Wikipedia DID say that the glycerol of triglycerides could be turned into an energy source by the brain. Triglycerides are three fatty acid chains and a glycerol back-bone; the glycerol back-bone being made of carbohydrate.

In summation, the brain cannot use fatty acids. It can use carbohydrates. I have a nutrition class on friday morning so I'll be sure to bring it up and try to get further clarification. I'll also be re-reading a few of my texts to brush up on it. I ALSO understand that research is constantly being updated so I'm certainly willing to hear other viewpoints.
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