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GET SOFT project

here we go...

to put this simply, i am going to TRY and get really out of shape.

i have been an athlete pretty much all my life. i am all about physically demanding activities, which has kind of taken its toll on my body. mainly my joints, the shoulders in particular.

i played ice hockey growing up and had ambitions to go pro.
but shoulder injuries happen when, as a former coach put it,"youre 5'9" and you play like you 6'3" ".
shoulder injuries pretty much stopped my competitive career but i am still extremly active. but my nagging shouder injuries finally need to be fixed for me to be as active as i like.

so january 15 i go in for AC reconstruction and some other real fun stuff. i will be unable to CF, play hockey, rock climb, fight, swim, snowboard, or genarally any physical activity for about 6 months from date of surgery.

i had surgery on this same shouder in spring of 06 and did the little exercise i could while i couldnt use my upeer body (stationary bike, running ner the end of rehab).

this time i decided to start a project for myself...


with the last CF Total being my final workout, i will stop exercising, eat like crap, stop taking vitamins/minerals, and overall try to be unhealthy.

this will continue through my surgery jan.15, and the 5-6 months of rehab, until i am 100% then i will start crossfit again.

when i restart CF i will go through it as if i am new to CF,
(workouts scaled way down)


i have tried many times to get people into CF but its always "i am too out of shape for that", "that is way too hard for someone in my shape"...
while i know CF is not for everyone, i just want to make another example that if someone, no matter what physical condition, puts the effort in, crossfit will deliver.

i will post up once a week with updates on my weight, any difference in the way i am feeling(less/more energy, mood, etc..), obvious changes in body composition.

as it stands now, it has been one week since i have worked out.
to set the baseline.....

21 y/o
156 lbs

my last crossfit total

back squat: 255
shoulder press: 120
deadlift: 295
TOTAL: 670


post up any thoughts or suggestions about the project, positive or negetive..

p.s. sorry if there is bad spelling (i am sure there is!)
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