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Frederic Giraud
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Hi all,

So it's the third CFT that is Rx'd since I started doing crossfit, and I always skipped them because of :

If you donít have a damn good idea of what you can do for a heavy triple, you donít need to be doing a CrossFit Total yet.
So here I am, 3.5 months later, with quite more knowledge of my potential. Each time the CFT was Rx'd I did read the pdf, in order to get use to it and how it actually happen.

I'd like to hear from more experience people if my ramping up is as required and well tweaked or if you guys have any suggestions.

The squat

My 3 rep max is around 200 , 1rep is around 235
I would do the following to ramp up to my first attempt ( 90%=180):

On to my first attempt of 180#
Second would be 200#
Final would be around 220-230#

I find it low, but I don't care that much, I want to do it the good way.


My 3repmax is around 115# ( 90% = 103.5#)

it would go like:

On to first attempt 105#
Second 115#
Third we'll see


This is the only one I never really did much of 3rep max and 1 rep, but I had to relearn everything about the form ( ty Mr.Rippetoe), and where I would injure myself DL 135#, now I can do 15x135# without much problem and really solid form. So I think perhaps my 1RM would be around 200#?

It would go like:

On to first attempt at 180#
Second at 200#
Third no idea.

How does all this sound?
It's my first CFT and I don't really care for big numbers, But i'd like to try to adhere to the "rules" in the most strict way possible in order to have a good basis for future progression comparaison (sp?)
Some of those lifts feels low ( mainly the squat) , how could I rank up in a better , more efficient way?

ANy critisize or tips are welcomed!

Thanks in advance

"The results are in the intensity. The magic is in the movement. The art is in the programming."
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