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Ron L'Huillier
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Just a note for others who may have a similar experience as me. I used to Powerlift back in the 80's. When I was seeing the doctor for a shoulder issue he also told me I was crazy for deadlifting. I recall in my youth hurting my back substantially and so I accepted the Doctors advice and quit deadlifting. Over the course of the next 15 years my back got worse and worse. I finally recalled that when I was deadlifting it seemed to help my back issue. Soooo I began to deadlift starting at reps with 185. They were painful but I kept with it and eventually worked up to the point where I thought I'd try to compete again.

Results = after about a year I entered a WABDL Deadlift competition in St. Louis, MS and set a MI State Record in my age group and weight class (242 - 47-53). I pulled an easy 529! I am now training for a meet in Lansing, MI in July where I hope to get close to 600! The bottom line is if I continued my Doctors advice I'd be limping around right now like I was 100 years old. With the deadlifting my back has not felt this good since my 20's. I am now almost 50. Sooooooo... take the Doctors advice with a grain of salt! Do not blindingly accept their opinions. Much of the time they are right, but they are often wrong!!!!


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