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Re: Barbell Comparison Chart (Again Faster, Rogue, Vulcan, Hammerhead, Bomba)

Couple clarifications and things to consider:

Rogue Bar

1) Bright zinc sleeve and Black Zinc shaft - The entire bar gets hit with bright zinc then a secondary process of Black Zinc. The Rogue bar has never been a black oxide finish.

Oxide is a steel treatment vs Zinc is a plating. They both have their benefits.

If oxide finish the bar will feel more bare vs zinc will smooth the knurl more making it more passive. Oxide may rust more quickly than zinc as with zinc you would need to expose the steel.

2) We use bronze bushings and a stop plate/snap ring construction to keep the sleeve from coming off.

3) The Rogue Bar is made in the United States with steel from Niagara Lasalle in the US.

Pretty soon you will be able to pull your bar off of the our machines and test drive it on the spot. Similar to driving a Corvette off the line

4) When we say we will replace it we do just that. You won't find anyone that will dispute this as we have replaced every Rogue bar that has ever had issue. We also take that data and make mods to the bar.

Let me know if you have any other questions
Bill Henniger
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