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Re: 300 lb Grace (not Rob Orlando)

Originally Posted by Shane Jensen View Post
Undoubtedly it would be the strong guy.

Honestly though (not saying that this is what you're hinting at) I'm really not interested in going down the "what is the best measure of fitness?" rabbit hole which is why I made note of the fact in my initial post that I was probably going to regret even getting involved in this thread.

I thought Spencer's Grace video was awesome (I think all of the videos that you guys post are awesome), however I also thought Dan Bailey's 1:02 Grace video was awesome. You may or may not agree. Ryan may or may not agree, and that's fine.

It comes down to what I said earlier, that your goals are your goals. Spencer, Jon, and Donny all train to support their goals. Orlando, Bailey, and Spealler train to support their's.
I don't think I m going down quite THAT rabbit hole... and, if you must know I think a 1:02 grace is unfreaking believable and awesome as hell. So is a 4 minute mile or a fast marathon. And the guys who even complete the tour de france are impressive as hell, monsters really.

But you have to admit that there is a pretty strong "ready for anything anytime, Im gonna survive when the zombies come" element in crossfit. Or at least it seems like it to me.

And, the human body could be called upon to do such a wide variety of things in an emergency, from walking for days with little or no sleep, to a life or death 1 rep log lift where your wife dies if you cant lift it off her. And so, there is really no way to "train for anything", and given that, maybe the way to best cover all your bases is actually to just get really strong and stay in reasonable shape.
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