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Re: 300 lb Grace (not Rob Orlando)

Originally Posted by Shane Jensen View Post

Spencer's goal is to lift as much weight as possible in the snatch and clean and jerk. In training to do so its allowed him to clean and jerk 303 lbs 30 times, faster than anyone who has attempted to do so.

Rob Orlando, Dan Bailey, and Chris Spealler all have a goal of being competitive at Crossfit. They're not training to clean and jerk 303 lbs 30 times. Dan Bailey and Chris Spealler can clean and jerk 135 lbs 30 times, faster than two guys who outweigh them from 40-80 lbs. Whether or not you assign value to clean and jerking 135 pounds 30 times (since I can see you making the argument of "who cares, its only 135") really really fast is irrelevant. They do, that's what they're training to do.
I think you make a great point, you cant train for everything. And you are gonna be your best at what you DO train for.

But I have a question, one that is interesting to me at least.

Let us say that you take 3 men of identical physical talent, train them each for 2 years. One is trained exclusively for the ultimate physical endurance feat, to walk as far as they can in a 48 hour forced march, while carrying a 90lb pack.

Another is trained exclusively to get time on fran as low as possible.

The third trains exclusively to achieve a set of 20 squats with 500lbs.

Then, each man is tested by attempting all three physical feats.

Which man will be judged as more fit all around in this scenario?
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