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Re: My day with Rick Scarpulla of Ultimate Advantage (Westside 4 Athletes)

No problem.

Well taking into account what I said before - programming for the rest of the 99% i guess i would be looking for best "bang for buck" exercises.

So in my own training i have been doing box squats and front squats. Box squats help me with my posterior and my glutes, front squats help me get out of the hole.

result was that i have smashed all my pb's. now i wasnt that strong to begin with, but take into account i have only been doing around two - three months of this type of programming to see these kinds of gains is quite impressive. to give you an indication just about all my old 1rm's are now 3rm's.

now does rich do this kind of stuff? i think i have read that he does. the frequency however? i have no idea.

from watching the latest barbell shrugged podcast today, jason khalipa made a very very good point about programming in general. its how you apply yourself that makes all the difference. combine this with a solid foundation (ie something like ricks programming) will make you a very good athlete.

just to add in: i follow: (wfs) for my programming.

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