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WOD Generator - how would yours work?

I know there are a few about (I'd love links to any I haven't seen already) but how would your idea "WOD Generator" work?

Programming is "random" I know but often there's a bit more of a pattern discernable in the "chaos".

Some of the 3 day cycles look like strength building, some like metcon, some a mixture.

In most of the WODs there'll be care about not hammering one muscle set with high-rep-low-weight AND low-rep-high-weight together.

I was thinking of making my own generator, and thought it might be good to get some advice from the experts.

I want to avoid making WODs that aren't one thing or the other, to try and incorporate some balance into the design of each WOD, each cycle, and to try and get a bit of a pattern in the cycles...
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