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"TC: Speaking of endurance, what can you tell me about this study from South Korea on Olympic caliber cyclists?

JS: Sure, in a study presented just this summer, Dr. Kim from South Korea, examined the effects of supplementing Olympic caliber cyclist on either beta-alanine (4.8 g per day) or placebo while training for 12 weeks.

The beta-alanine group increased their carnosine levels by 33%, thus increasing anaerobic threshold and time to exhaustion, while the placebo group saw no or very little change.

The placebo group changes are typical in elite athletes as very intense training results in very small performance changes in elite athletes. But the effect of supplementing beta-alanine is huge and could be the difference between a medal and not finishing in the top 10.

The specific results of this study will be presented in 2007, but I can't say anything more about it right now."
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