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Re: My First Workout Log!

4/19 1x20 Back Squat 225# (ended up breaking it into 4x5 which next time I need to complete the 1x20 set all the way w/o stopping)

3x10 Pull overs (20#) used lightweight so not to engage any muscles but to expand the rib cage after doing the squats.

3 Rounds of :

Ring Dips and Strict Pull Ups x 10 (45#)

Bonus Round with Body Weight

After the 3 Rounds:

Plank 45# for 1 min

GH Raises 1x10 BW
m 25 5'11" 215 lb. 2000m Row 7:09 Fran 3:19 Helen 9:46 Annie 5:30 Clean & Jerk 255/ I give All thanks to my Lord and Savior!

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