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Re: The Shed 'O Pain


My shoulder hurts. A lot. It hurts chronically, lately it has hurt acutely. It hurts so bad I am going to the doctor for an x-ray tomorrow. It hurts so bad I am busting out the ice and kineso tape. It hurts so bad I spent some time today looking around to see whether Kelly Starrett had said anything about shoulders. Turns out he has. I watched some of the videos. OMG!!!

Posture. Posture. Posture.
Simply by standing properly and getting the shoulder in the right spot I was able to make a pain free movement that I couldn't do at all five minutes earlier. Turns out I am wildly internally rotated. Check out the visibly internally rotated shoulder at this Cavaliers playoff game last year. Now that Kelly points it out, it's pretty obvious isn't it? Look where the thumb is pointed. In, not straight forward. Ouch. Time to figure out the stretches and posture...

Am still going to get the x-ray tomorrow and sign up for the PT classes and cortisone shot and ice, but am going to spend a lot of time on posture. Already wrote myself a note and posted it on my desk at work. Oh yeah, that desk at work, and sitting all day at the computer, and working with the mouse, those are the "junk I bring to crossfit". It's not the programming, it's the junk the athlete brings to the program after ten years at the desk over-eating and under-posturing.

Today's workout? Does it matter? It was intense, it hurt, it got my heart rate up. But today's big win was spending some time at THE SOURCE finding out what intelligent motivated people had to say about shoulders.

Thanks Kelly.

And, thanks Tim, for the present of the CrossFit Journal. (aka THE SOURCE).
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