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Re: Ideas for no equipment group exercises

We don't have an affiliate within 1.5 hours of us. Our group of 6-10 works out at the YMCA with limited equipment. We have one pullup bar and one set of rings I bring from home. Here are a few ideas we have done. Some are from the Eva T site. Maybe you can modify for your space or track:

Do the combination of exercises down the length of the basketball court, run back, each pair 4x through.

Broad Jump/Walking Lunges
Spiderman PU/Triple Jump
Broad Jump Burpee/Bear Crawl
Crabcrawl Pushup/Backwards Jump
Side Bear Crawl/Backwards Run


From Eva T, slightly modified: Run 1 mile, stopping to do 20 walking lunges and 20 mountain climbers every 1 minute. (this one is really tough)


400m run
100 situps
400m run
50 pushups
400m run
100 squats
400m run
50 jump pullups

2x through


1/12 mile track
Broad Jumps
Triple Jumps
Bear Crawl
Exercise one straightaway, run the remainder

AMRAP in 10 or 15 or 20 minutes


400m run
50 squats

4 x through for time


The stairs give you all kinds of options...Hops, one foot hops, two- or three-at-a-time, bear crawls up and down, bear crawls backwards up and down...we have tires and we do stair runs holding a tire overhead...also there are an infinite number of burpee varieties to mix it up...broad jump burpees, box jump burpees, jump pullup burpees. I have found that G&S squats are good for helping folks with flexibility and form. Burger flips are popular. Various planks.

I try to mix it up, going from workouts where the whole thing is done "for time" to workouts were we do a set exercise on an interval (10 burpees and 1 suicide every 2 minutes x 10) to very short intervals like Tabatas.

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