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Dave Stergar
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Ideas for no equipment group exercises

I am asking for some suggestions. I would like to call myself an active Crossfitter, and I also teach a couple of fitness classes at a local gym (Boot Camp and Sports Conditioning) Our town does not have a CF gym. I like to incorporate as many CF exercises as I can into my classes, and I would really like to have several different "circuits" I could use. I see that the military uses CF in some of their group PT- not sure if they use any equipment or not, examples of some of their workouts would be cool. I would also like to know what some of your thoughts are on this topic. Some of our workouts are conducted at a small college campus and we have access to about 6 flights of stairs, some areas where we can do some reverse pushups (pulls) and some places where we can do step ups or box jumps, as an example today: run to the top of the stairs, on the way down after the top flight, do 5 pushups, run about 50 m then do 5 pulls, and 5 dips, run down some more steps and do 10 step ups and 5 more dips run about 100m then lunge walk about 20m, complete 5 burpees, then repeat. At times we meet at a local HS track too.

Thanks for any help!
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