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Newb, with Q's ??

Hey all, I've been roaming the main page, boards, and even Brand X. Im trying to grasp as much as possible. I've read through the start here, and what is crossfit, but of corse....Ive got more questions. I kinda grasp the overly simple concept of WOD....but this is where my question lies. Should I stick to the WOD's or should I randomly go through the workouts like Fran and the such? I by no means can do all the exercises correctly, I currently do BodyBuild type routines, but I want to switch things going to be diveing back into BJJ and would like to have some functional strength. Last week I tried somewhat of a crossfit workout, we did some deads, pull ups, pushups, and thrusters....all for time at 15reps. My partner has been doing crossfit type workouts, so I figured I'd see what was up. Im trying to start slow and gradually work into a full crossfit type program, where im following the WOD constantly. IDK, any tips...advice, anything at this point to try and clear the haze in my head. I kinda feel lost.
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