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Re: J Carmona's log

Saturday 26, January 2008

WU Rowing 1,000m: 3:54:4
CF WU 2 set (x15) + assisted HUPU x15

Snatch subbed by Cleans
1st: 50kg = 110lbs
2nd: 60kg = 132lbs failed => 50kg
3rd: 55kg = 121lbs
4th: 57.5kg = 126lbs
5th: 60kg = 132lbs
6th: 62.5kg = 137lbs failed
7th: 62.5kg = 137lbs failed

Could not do the Snatch, I think I need some coaching to some of the exercises. Felt a bit tired today anyway. As said earlier strength seems to be my weakness.
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