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Re: Rogue Yoke question

Originally Posted by Sean Dunston View Post
Unless I'm misunderstanding the Y-1 (I converted two S-1s to yokes), these are essentially squat stands with the yoke bar - it just doesn't have the stabilizing cross-member at the feet like the S-1. If you want to use it as a squat stand, then slide off the yoke bar and you have racks.
I wasn't sure how stable it would be without the crossmember at the feet, but if stability is not an issue then this should be an easy solution.

Originally Posted by Tim Trujillo View Post
Cut it down, take out the reciprocating saw, a new blade and cut it. That baby is worth every penny. Just make it fit, either raise the roof or lower the yoke.
I definitely could cut it to make it fit out of the garage.

Sean and Tim thank you for your responses!
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