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Re: Bagel Work Out Log

2013 JAN 24
0710-0820: Was gonna do an Olympic Lifting class this morning. Turned into a one on one coaching experience for the split-jerk!

Learned about foot placement in the split. Learned a hold and go progression to develop different actuation cues for mental thought process.

1800-1915: First workout at Sil War Athletics. Rotational warm up. Some clean practice.
WOD as follows.
AMRAP 15 Minutes
7 Hang Power Cleans
10 Bar Jumps
12 Crunches
9 or 10 Sets with 10 Crunches

Maybe cold, non stretchy hips. Have to get hips out more during clean. Keep head down at 45 degree angle to keep spine aligned. Open up the hips!
25/6'/162#. Deadlift 315#. Backsquat 245#. Press 115#. I can walk on my hands pretty well!
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