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Re: 2016 CrossFit Games


Fun day today. I did some push presses for the first time in awhile and I got a lot stronger even though I haven't been doing them... Weird. Maybe all that neyroebdicrine response stuff with squats actually makes a real difference.

Push Press: 10 Sets of 3 at 105Lbs, I couldn't get 3 at that weight before and I probably could have hit a 5 or even a 7.

HSPU: 20 Banded with Green+Blue these are starting to get easier pretty fast.

C2B Pullups: These were in the WOD Today and I hadn't gotten one before today, I watched one of my friends do them who is a lot weaker than me and I realized it was definitely my kip. So I practice and finally got my first one about 3 minutes before the WOD. Then I got 43 in the WOD


7 Minute AMRAP


C2B Pull-Ups

Do 1 Pullup, 1 Burpee, 2, 2 Etc. Score is total reps.

70 Rx
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