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Bill's Crossfit Football Log

Next month will be my 4 year crossfit anniversary. I have been fairly consistent throughout the years with rarely full weeks going by without a WOD. Looking to change things up and gain more strength so here goes...

Current PRs (some are from 1-2 yrs ago)

Back squat 366 (although i swear i did 386 at some point)
Deadlift 426
Press 164
Bench Press 264
Snatch 201
Clean and Jerk 241
Fran 3:20
Angie 15:37 (2 yrs ago!)
1 mile run between 6:30-7:00 (havn't done in a while)

Weight 186
Height 5'8" (hoping CF Football with help this one)
33 yrs old
5'8" 180# Logsitall
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